About Us

Touren Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd. is operated and founded by experienced mountains and trekking guides from Nepal. We have more than 3 decades of experience in outdoor adventures such as trekking, mountaineering, sightseeing, Jungle safari, and tours in Nepal. We are highly focused on the deliverance of every interest of visitors whether in a group or individual, whether in the remote villages or the mountains or bustling cities or on safaris.

This company is specialized mainly in trekking and sightseeing tours in Nepal. We highly prior to bringing visitors closer to explore the beauty and Mystic of Nepal through tourism. That will bring visitors environmentally, ethnologically, economically, friendly, and interactive with the local people of Nepal. We love our country and are proud to be able to help visitors for exploring and experience all that it has to offer. We know how to deliver lifetime holiday rewards for travelers of all ages, physical capabilities, and interests.

Our company is based on those core values:

The right trip planning:

The varieties of Nepal offerings mean that there is no "one size fits all" travel package. People have different budgets, more or less time to spend, different physical capabilities, ages, and different interests. We host all kinds of travel packages for families, singles, couples, groups, groups of serious climbers, and people looking for a long weekend or adventure. Whether you want one-night tea house or a month-long tour in the Himalayas or into the restricted area Tsum valley/ Manaslu, Mustang and Dolpo adventure trekking or the safari or world heritages sightseeing tour. We work with you to put together the experience of your dreams according to your time period, capabilities, interest, and ability.

Cost-effective and service-committed:

our organization is very committed to providing excellent value at the best price. Being based entirely in Nepal and run by experienced Nepalese, we feel very happy about your travel with us in Nepal. We offer every tour package based on traveler’s affordability and we deal highly with our responsibility for the best services and care. Our commitment delivers every moment to provide lifetime rewards or worth of your holidays in the Himalayas.


Nepal has several areas that are fully wild, adventurous, and remote. If you want off the grid, we’ll get you there. High Altitude Mountain travel, rural villages, hiking, sightseeing and tours and jungle safaris carry with them some risks as well as wonder. In some cases, you may find yourself far from civilization, a road, and far from a bazaar or a hospital. Safety is an absolute priority for us, thus our guides and team are highly trained and have ample experience to keep you safe and healthy. Our friendly team is dedicated to make your stay comfortable and we will never let you feel lonely, unsafe and insecure.