Weather & Climate in Nepal

Nepal has a topographical and varied climate. The weather of Nepal depends upon the altitude from tropical to arctic. Terai, the plain area, which lies in the tropical southern part of the country is hot and has humid weather. In terms of weather and climate, in the middle part of the country, the hilly regions are pleasant enough almost all year round, even though during the winter, the morning and night are cool. The mountain range in the northern part which is regarded to be above 3,353 m has an alpine climate with a considerably lower temperature and thin air than other parts of the geography. During the winter mostly above 3500m landscaped would be snow-covered,

Nepal has four climatic seasons

  • (a) Spring: March-May
  • (b) Summer: June-August
  • (c) Autumn: September-November
  • (d) Winter: December-February.

Autumn: September-November During the autumn season, the climate is dry, therefore, offers a clear sky, and the least rain and this is harvesting season. Also time for the greatest festivals Dashain and Tihar. The temperature fluctuates from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. This is regarded to be the best tourism season.

Winter: (December-February) During the winter season, the weather is very cold in Nepal however the sky is mostly clear enough. The morning and evening will be very cold, while the afternoon is pretty sunny. The temperature during these months falls to minus even in the city.

Spring: March-May: The spring season is warm but hazy. The temperature during this season fluctuates from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The forest or rhododendrons blossom in spring. Snow melts in the highlands so it is very good for trekking.

Summer: June to August summer season is full of monsoons in Nepal. Almost every day there is a strong thunderstorm, and nonstop rain in front of the Himalayas all over the country. The river grows higher, farmer plants their crops, landslide, and flood appear, and Very thick clouds cover the country. However, sometimes there is a blue sky and Son shines.