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  • Sanga Bahadur Rai

    Sanga Bahadur Rai

    Trekking guide training: In 2,000

    Tour guide training: In 2,006

    (From Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation)

    Academic level: Master in Management

    Language: Khaling, Nepali, English, French and German

    Travel: Around Asia and Europe

    Involving in tourism: since 1995

    I was born in BASA, the fold of Everest region Solukhumbu district in 1979 a very impoverished farming family. I was the elder child among 3 brothers and 2 sisters in a family. My very young childhood was spent as an animal herder with my grandmother around in Dudhkoshi River bank, a village to the highland pasture. During that time, School was already established around the village but children could not attend due to distance. At the same time, PADMA KANYA PRIMARY SCHOOL was established at Damku, and UPA Pradhan Mr. Purna Bahadur Rai (Saya) and Head Master Punya Prasad Dhunganga were searching for students around the villages. My parents agreed to our (including brothers and sisters) school rather than animal herding. Then, we continued our studies at school and helped our parents at the field and farm during off-school time. Sometimes later, a High school was starting beyond my village at Khastap.

    I finished my school-level studies in 1995 at Himalayan High School Khastap. Then wanted to study further level but college or campus were impossible in Solukhumbu. Everyone had to move into the city for further studies. Economically, studying at the campus in the city was out of a dream for me, by the same time my father passed away. Even though the flame of further study was constantly growing in my will but the marginal economic level of our family and widow mom could not support my further study. However, I have decided to go to the city for higher education. When I moved to the City, more core struggle time began for my study and economy. There was no penny’s support possibility from my home. Because of that, I had to look for some part times work. Working on trekking as a carrier was already familiar to me in Solukhumbu. So, I joined a trekking company for economic support. I worked as a porter, Spare boy, Kitchen boy, and Sherpa boy during the trekking season and studied at other times. Because of my hardworking and dedicated nature trek companies started to post me as a trekking cook and guide for outline tours. I have worked with so many reputed companies as a trekking guide, mountain guide, and tour leader at cultures, pilgrimage sites, plain terrain jungle safari, world heritage sites high mountains trekking, and expedition across the whole of Nepal, India, and Tibet. Also, I worked with broadcasting channels such as National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, documentaries, Photographers, magazines, and many news outlines. Besides them, I worked with some social working institutes Like KIRAT KHALINGUTTHAN SANGH, BASA FOUNDATION, and ELITE GROUP MULTIPURPOSE. The journey (tourism) became an important university for me, because within these times I met so many different kinds of people across the whole world from common to highly respected, poor to unbelievably rich, neglects to researchers and laymen to supper intelligent also got a chance to understand nation- wise people’s character. My long experiences in tourism taught me methods of fulfilling the interest of travelers, methods, and tricks to pick suitable and remarkable sites for matching their holidays and dreams.

    Because of all those cumulative experiences, finally derived me and my team to found TOUREN NEPAL TREKS Pvt. Ltd. Through this company, I want to share three decades of my experiences by managing your effective travel packages for families, singles, couples, and groups, group of serious climbers and people looking for a long weekend or adventures. I am highly focused on the deliverance of every interest of visitors whether in a group or individual, whether in remote villages or mountains or the bustling city or in safaris. Making your holidays a lifetime rewarding in the mystic Himalayas and creating jobs for back-warded people and supporting them through some social services in remote villages of Nepal is my ultimate promise.


    Contact: sangarai37@gmail.com, what’s app +977 9841265786


  • Ramesh Rai
    Expedition Director

    Ramesh Rai

    Trekking guide training: in 2009

    Mountain climbing training: in 2014

    (From Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation)

    Mr. Ramesh Rai was born in Pokhara (naturally the Queen City of South Asia) but grew up in a farmer family in BASA near the Everest region In Solukhumbu and his schooling was completed in the same village. 2002 was his first trekking career starting year as a porter to Everest to Everest base camp. Then he continuously worked trekking as a porter, Kitchen boy, and Sherpa boy all around the Himalayas. He took several training and received a license such as a trekking guide in 2009, Ice and mountain climbing training in 2014, Mountain rescue training, and a member of Lions club international.

    Mr. Ramesh is a very dedicated, friendly, and responsible person. He enjoys sharing our culture, nature, and history with the whole world. Mr. Ramesh guided successfully countless trekking whether in the rugged Kanchanjunga region or adventures Everest region or Manaslu and Annapurna Mountains to the hidden arid Dolpo landscape and started climbing mountains in 2014. He was involved in and harvested wide expedition experiences at Mt. Manaslu 8,163m and Annapurna (I) 8,091m Expedition. Mr. Ramesh guided more than 25 times successful summits at different peaks higher than 6,000m to 7,000m.

    He traveled to many countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, China, and India. Besides trekking and expeditions, he is involved in the different social working institute

    Contact: guide1ramesh@ gmail.com, what’s App +977 9841919140


  • Nanda Kumari Rai

    Nanda Kumari Rai

    Mrs. Nanda Kumari Rai was born in Basa, Solukhumbu. She worked as an active member to uplift the lifestyle of the back-warded community in surrounding villages. She worked as a Headmaster at Babu Tsiri Primary School for 13 years. Working in remote areas in the educational and social sectors greatly accelerated her public relations and dealing. She plays a major role in office coordination At Touren Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd Company

  • Mr. Tikaram khaling
    Contact person

    Mr. Tikaram khaling

    Email: jikarai51@gmail.com

    Cell: +64211530455

    Address: 414 Glenlapa Road, RD 7, Gore 9777)

    New Zealand

  • Mr. Mrs. Arjun & Reshma Khaling
    Contact Person

    Mr. Mrs. Arjun & Reshma Khaling

    Email: majjabarruna@gmail.com

     Florence, Italy

  • Karin Gandler & Guido Schnitzer

    Karin Gandler & Guido Schnitzer



  • Mr. Jean Yves Hubaud
    Contact Person

    Mr. Jean Yves Hubaud

    Mr. Hubaud is an experienced mountain and Ski guide in Alps.



    Les Boussardes

  • Sirikanda Siripattanakhun (KOOK)
    Represantative in Thailand

    Sirikanda Siripattanakhun (KOOK)


    Cell: +66972306085

    Address: 80/631 Lumpini Megacity

    Bangna, Moo.13, Bangkeaw,

    Banglpee, Samutprakarn 10540


  • Jens König Mrs. Jennette König

    Jens König Mrs. Jennette König

    Email: koenig-jens@web.de

    Berlin, Germany