Equipment and Accessories


Lightweight walking boots suitable for your trekking destinations and itinerary, a pair of track shoes and slippers to wear in the camp in the evening or when the boot is wet.

Warm jacket (Fibers fill or super down)

A Rainproof jacket with a hood or poncho.

Woolen shirts and thick sweaters or fleece jackets.

Thin and thick trousers.

Warm and useful trousers for higher altitude.

Windproof/ waterproof trousers are necessary on all treks going above 3000mtr.

Thermal underwear (These are excellent to sleep in at night)

2 pairs of loose-fitting long shorts/ skirts. 1 lightweight long-sleeved –shirt is particularly suitable for avoiding sunburn.

A woolen or warm hat to wear in the morning and at night. Sunhat and ensure it has a wide brim to cover the face and neck.

A pair of gloves (warm and waterproof is better)

2 pairs of thin and 2 pairs of thick warm socks.

Underwear, hankies as you need.


Duffle bag or kit bag to carry all gear while trekking. Small rucksack to carry personal requirements e.g. toilet paper, camera, film towel, soap, documents, wallet, Water bottle, Snow glasses, and sunglasses.

And a big duffle bag is for porter carry with all your travel gear e.g. 2 large plastic bags to separate clean clothes from dirty ones. Headlamp with spare batteries, Snow gaiters, sun cream, personal medicine, lip guard, toothbrush, towel, Reading materials, camera and film, game items (optional), notebook, rubber band, pen and pencil, a diary, a calendar, a pocket knife, binoculars (optional, Thermoses (optional)- an inflatable sleeping mat, trekking map, sleeping bag, adequate quantities of passport photograph

Camping Equipment’s List:

2-person sleeping tent, Dining tent, kitchen tent, Toilet tent, Mattress, Sleeping bag, Dinner table, Chairs, Toilet commode, All kinds of kitchen utensils, Kerosene or gasoline oven (stove), Diner plat, cup, soup bowl, spoon, fork, and water jerkins, etc.

Climbing equipment’s list

Climbing Boot, Gaiter, Crampon and Screw Driver, Ice Axe, Jumar, Finger 8 or descended, Harness, Lock Carabineer (similar size), Snap Carabineer (Non-Locking), Helmet, 5/6 mm Rope (Prussic Slings assistant rope) and Slings 25 mm tubular- Tape