Dakshinkali - Pharping - Kirtipur SighseeingDakshinkali - Pharping - Kirtipur Sighseeing

Dakshinkali - Pharping - Kirtipur Sighseeing

  • Duration1 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Easy Hiking
  • Activity Sightseeing and Tour

It is a 27th kilometer south of Kathmandu, Dakchhinkali is Hindu Temple that started in the 17th century. The Hindus sacrifice animals in this temple. In Hinduism, only they sacrifice animals in the Goddess temple, not in the God temple. Dakshinkali is known as the Goddess of Mystery so most Hindus go there for divinity miracles worship. Hindus scarify animals only for Goddess Kali but not for other goddesses. Dakshinkali worships conquering the negative aspects of life. On the way, we can visit the very decorative and beautiful Buddhist Sakya Monastery Pharping. The Famous Boddhisatwa Padmasambhava had meditated for more than 3 years in this area so it is very holistic and covered by the holy monastery and still monks are taking the footprints of Boddhisatwa for Longtime meditation. On the way up to Kathmandu, we can visit the Kirtipur temple and bazaar. This city played a very important role during the Rana regime in Kathmandu Valley. There are so many things to explore however the Baag Bhairav temple is one of the best view point in Kirtipur. It is a ritually much-signified temple as well culturally and historically very important place.

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