Pashupatinath Hindu TemplePashupatinath Hindu Temple

Pashupatinath Hindu Temple

  • Duration1 Day
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Easy Hiking
  • Activity Sightseeing

Pashupatinath temple the UNESCO” S cultural world heritage site lies on the bank of the holy Bagmati River. It is one of the very famous and biggest ritual sites for the Hindus in the world. The date of starting is not fixed however historians tell that it was starting in the 3rd century but the present building was built in the 17th century. Pashupati means the God of the beast, Hindus don’t scarify animals in this temple instead they offer milk, vermilion, and some fruits for worship. The main Pujari (priest) remains a “Bhatta” South Indian; this system prevailed since the 7th century. It is natively the Hindu temple however Buddhist religious people also often come to worship in this temple.

In 1834 Muslim emperors or invaders SAMASUDDHIN came to Nepal with his warriors and destroyed so many temples and monuments. Since then non-Hindus are not allowed to enter from the main entrance door. In Hinduism there are three major deities Bramha (the creator), Bishnu (the protector), and Maheswor (the destructor), it is believed that Shiva is one of the manifestations of Maheswora and takes a big place in Pashupatinath temple. The ceremonies or ritual serenities take place every day however there are 2 big festivals like Shiva Ratri and Tij. During Shibharatri thousands of Hindu Shadus including pilgrimages gather in Pashupatinath. And during TIJ all Hindu women dressed up perfectly and vow to the lord Shibha for presenting a gentle, kind, and healthy husband or boyfriend. There are uncountable Shiva monuments, temples, devals, and piths. Bagmati River is known as the holy Ganga, on the bank of the River there are many Pire plate forms for burning cremations. Hindus bring dead bodies into the riverside for the last right offering. While death body is completely burnt down then they take water from River and wash the ashes into the river. That is because they believe our body is built with five elements of the universe and sent back to the roots such as Fire element, Sky element, Air element, Earth element, and Water element.

Your visit to this mighty holistic site will be very curious by seeing so many different activities. Monkeys, dogs, and ox and cows seem good friends to each other. The Sadhus and Gurus are chanting mantras on the River bank also they are reading fortune on the hands line. The crowd of pilgrimages gets in and gets out carrying offerings to the temple.

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