Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha, the nest of several distinct ethnic groups, small landlocked Himalayan country lies in Southern Asia. It has stunning landscapes, ancient cultures and traditions, scenic beauty of rocky and sloppy hills, green lustrous terrain, tigers, and rhinos living in the rainforest, the bustling streets of Kathmandu the amazing Himalayan glaciers, and soaring highest mountains. Nepal has a huge disparity in elevations from a mere 70 meters above sea level to the tallest peak Mt. Everest (8848mtr) in the world.

Nepal has delightful harmony in every religion. Every religion has several festivals, carnivals, ceremonies, and Celebrations at all times of the year. It also has essential and oldest Buddhist Monasteries/biggest stupas, Hindu ancient temples, historical places full of architectural value with many renowned pilgrimage sites, and UNESCO’s cultural/natural world heritage sites.

A huge Himalayan range wall is standing from east to west on the country’s northern side. That wall is working as a borderline between the People’s Republic of China and Tibet. South-east has huge flat fertile agricultures terrain connecting with India.

Besides an incredible landscape, cultural traditions, ancient history, and diverse ecology you can be wondered at exquisite craftsmanship, artistic ingenuity, and the People. People may be poor in the economy but rich in happiness. They have a very warm welcoming atmosphere and friendly hospitality to every guest. All those mysterious realms and breathtaking enchanting land of myths and legends made Nepal an ultimate traveler’s destination. Visit us, see us, experience differences and cultivate lifetime rewards of the holidays.