To Treat Strangers as Guests

  • Sanga Rai
  • Last Updated on Feb 1, 2024

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About Accidental Tourist

Accidental Tourist is an admiring property that provides the extreme experience of holidays. It has been started with the desire to honor a very humbling legacy that came with a very valuable inheritance.

They believe the legacy is not so much about welcoming guests, it’s more about opening home to strangers. The Accidental Tourist has a wonderful decades-long story about managing a family home into an extended home and to the extended family.

So get in touch with and harvest the joys of your travel.



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Accidental Tourist

To treat strangers as turn guests into friends !!!!


Sanga Rai

Sanga Rai

Mr. Sanga Rai:  is involving in tourism since 1995. At the beginning of his tourism career, Tea house or lodge trekking was barely possible, they used to provide tented treks almost all around in Nepal.  Mr. Rai started his tourism career as a porter, Kitchen helper, cook helper, cook man, assistant guide, and guide at many reputed trekking companies. Meantime, he had several chances to visit and collect adventure experiences around the whole mountains- east ranges to west ranges in Nepal. As a tour leader, he has traveled countless times around world heritage sites, jungle safari, religious sites, and off-the-beaten places. We are pretty sure that his advice may make it easier for every traveler to determine the right destination planning according to the right season whether for trekking or hiking or adventure trip or peak climbing or safari or sightseeing and tour in Nepal.


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