Social work and Charity Program

We grew up in the remote villages of Nepal so that we know the real problems of remote places. We are very familiar with basic lacks of remote places so that our aim is just an uplifting minimum quality of life through the key of education, health and sanitation, environment awareness, local skills training, cloths and utensil support etc.

For the above mentioned support, we choose always remote villages in Nepal, where the culture, tradition and way of life is still unchanged or let’s say still below than basic social asininities. Charity program at remote places becomes an especial trip like giving and receiving. Give the things you have instead of it you cultivate lifetime happiness. You may feel that is sure your donation in those place will be the greatest support in the life while your small support bring an unexpected happiness and life turning point in the life of back- warded community.

For the betterment of those purposes we work together with a local NGO Basa foundation. It is community based non- profit, non-government and non-political, non-religious, social organization.

Our vision is simply: chances to be assisted, and chances to be involved without any discrimination at any basic global services, amenities and adequate protection. We want to develop and improve adequate sustainability inclusively taking the way of long term benefit at back warded community.

We deeply respect our well-wishers upon your supports/ projects of human scale that directly benefits their priorities and concerns. Touren Nepal Treks welcomes and thanks you all for your kind efforts, supports for bringing tangible changes in the life marginal community.